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According to many, Yamaha Venture Royal, was ahead of his time in innovation and advanced technologies. The powerful V4 engine and excellent handling as a result of what may have made his predecessor, Sport Touring bikes available today. And nowadays you can find a lot of motorcycles on the roads around the world with a run in the hundreds of thousands of miles.

1198 cc V-four engine from MK1 Venture has been modified to improve performance and is used as an engine of Yamaha V-Max. Many of these changes were included in the version of MK2 Venture.

Yamaha Venture revived in 1996, Royal Star, and then released the full version in 1999 as a Royal Star Venture.


Produced two major versions.
Mk1 — was produced from 1983 to 1985 — 1198cc (referred to 1200cc) engine, removable luggage.
Mk2 — produced from 1986 to 1993 — 1298cc (referred to 1300cc) engine, the upper and lateral trunks are rigidly fixed.
Both models have full-fledged non-removable fairing with AM / FM stereo and cassette player, controlled air suspension with onboard compressor and electronic cruise control. Available as an option CB radio.

Venture Royale has a V-4 engine with liquid cooling. It has four valves per cylinder, the upper camshafts, and valve adjustment washers. Five-speed gearbox in one unit with the engine. Cardan drive and rear axle housing built into the pendulum dual purpose. The rear suspension is equipped with pneumatic, adjustable mono-shock absorber installed in the center. Clutch multiple disc in oil bath, hydraulically operated.